Everything You Need To Know About Crypto Launchpads To Maximize Profits

The current cryptocurrency market allows investors rare access to huge earning prospects. Conventional traders prefer to receive a small but relatively stable income on fluctuations of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Those who want more use of the crypto launchpads platform will increase investments hundreds of times, although not without any risks.

What Is A Crypto Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is what investors need to increase their incomes rapidly. It is a platform that allows you to purchase NFTs of new projects before they get crypto launchpad publicly. Such platforms help new startup projects perform crowdfunding efficiently. Their investors can buy NFTs at the lowest possible price. As the project develops, the cost of NFTs grows. Therefore, those who purchase them at the lowest price will earn the most. Click here for tips on NFT launchpads.

Why should you invest in Crypto launchpads?

It does not take long to start being active on crypto launchpads. Also, the return on investment (ROI) is higher and more stable. Therefore, you can start using these platforms if you already have a cryptocurrency wallet with funds on your account. You should understand that the platforms can work with different blockchain technologies. Hence, you must purchase the proper tokens for various startup projects.

Everything You Need To Know About Crypto Launchpads To Maximize Profits

Several other reasons traders and intelligent investors should use these launchpads. The most common ones are:

  • Launchpads allow investors to participate in a project by buying a token at a lower price.
  • Crypto launchpads create enthusiasm around a new project, attract the scarce attention of several investors, and draw additional funds.
  • Crypto launchpad platforms offer significantly higher profitability and the possibility of receiving stable passive income.
  • Investors’ money is almost 100% protected. Intelligent contracts guarantee that all the invested money will be returned if a new crypto project fails.

How Do Crypto Launchpads Work?

Potential investors should familiarize themselves with the rules to start using a crypto launchpad platform. They determine the minimum investment required for participation on the platform, a period of blocking the NFTs, and a coin distribution schedule.

The unique benefit of Crypto launchpad For Projects

As of 2021, new crypto projects and startups are launched daily. Over 92% of them require extra funds for further successful development. Therefore, such projects use crypto launchpads to entice investors

The platform works in the following way: A creator announces that he will introduce a new project soon. So, that creates a token that is planned to be a fundamental part of the platform. As a result, the NFTs are sold to traders to raise money.

That cooperation is beneficial for new projects and users. Most startups get the investment they need, and investors have the opportunity to purchase new and promising crypto at the lowest prices possible.

Everything You Need To Know About Crypto Launchpads To Maximize Profits

The Unique Benefits of Crypto Launchpads for Users

Investors receive allocations or lottery tickets to win an allocation to hold launchpad tokens. To partake in any of the crypto launchpads, the user must do the following as listed:

  • Create a crypto wallet 
  • Buy some amount of tokens on a crypto launchpad.
  • Transfer them to your wallet and start staking tNFTs.

Crypto launchpads work as bank deposits. The investor gets a percentage of the number of coins staked. After that, you may try to purchase or win your allocations. The more NFTs you have, the better your chances of winning the lottery.

Overall, crypto launchpads offer the perfect way to protect your investment and gain significant capital. If you are serious about crypto long-term, you should know the events on the most popular crypto launchpad platforms.

What are the most successful crypto Launchpads for Investors

Many crypto launchpad projects may interest investors greatly. Our experts have studied several reviews on them. Therefore, we would like to share the essential details on projects like Polka Starter, Binance Launchpad, and Trust Swap.

Trust Swap

At the end of 2021, the Trust Swap ecosystem, which is highly oriented toward the new cryptocurrency communities, announced the start of its launchpads for new cryptocurrencies. The platform has executed the unique Team Lock feature. It is aimed at avoiding a sharp loss of tokens liquidity. This valuable function of Trust Swap shields new projects from spontaneous sales and fraud because NFTs are blocked during a definite time. With each stage of the project development, the innovative contract system gradually releases all the blocked NFTs, and they become available for investors. Therefore, this cryptocurrency launchpad is what wise investors need to pocket good cash.

To get early access to this launchpads, an investor must have a minimum of 3,000 SWAP tokens if today’s SWAP token price is $0.7, the equivalent of $2,100. However, the platform also offers public sales without such compulsions. 

Polka Starters

Polka Starter remains a trusted decentralized protocol that allows evolving projects to sell tokens and raise money by creating pools. It is considered a trustworthy launchpad platform for all projects that run in the Polkadot ecosystem. Polka Starter began operating in December 2020.

It is an exceptional mechanism expected to be very gainful to investment prospects. More than 225,000 investors have purchased NFTs on Polka Starter. Analysts expect this number to grow significantly by 2022 because plenty of attractive startups keep using the crypto launchpad. However, Polka Starter didn’t review and control the presented projects. Thus, investors invest money at their own risk.

Everything You Need To Know About Crypto Launchpads To Maximize Profits

Binance Launchpad

The leading crypto exchange in the trading volume and number of active users, Binance launched its incubator platform in mid-2019. It is designed to help crypto startups accrue money for future development. Furthermore, exchange traders got the opportunity to earn even more. Overall, Binance Launchpad is the natural paradise for crypto blockchain projects.

As with most subsidiaries of this crypto exchange, interaction with Binance Launchpad is closely related to tokens of the BNB platform. Investors wishing to participate in the IEO must have BNB tokens on their accounts. Payments are also processed in BNB tokens.

Binance Launchpad has already helped launch successful projects like Perlin, Kava Labs, Polygon, PancakeSwap, WazirX, Axie Infinity, and others. For example, users can purchase from merchants accessible on the Binance Marketplace using Verge.

New Crypto Launchpads

New crypto launchpads for crypto trading have been emerging. Many promising startups try to entice investors with their tokens. Therefore, they offer high discounts on purchasing coins. The most popular new crypto launchpads in 2020 are Game starters, TrustPad, Dao Maker, Red Kite, and Solanum.


Now you know what a crypto launchpad is. Currently, it is one of the best types of investment. However, despite the improved mechanism, investors still need to exercise due diligence and weigh all the risks before investing money in any crypto launchpad project