New NFT games Tips to Know Before You Start Earning

There is a plethora of crypto new nft games that will not only give you with an enjoyable gaming experience, but also allow you to make money from them. With that stated, we wanted to present you with some cryptocurrency gaming tips that you should be aware of before you begin earning.

Select a Trusted E-Wallet

As you may know, an e-wallet is a kind of digital storage that allows you to keep the tokens you earn while playing crypto new nft games. The critical point to remember about them is that there are various e-wallets available, and not all of them specialize in keeping crypto gaming tokens. Not only that, but various e-wallets are better suited to certain parts of the globe, and so on. Thus, our first recommendation is to do enough study and choose an e-wallet that is compatible with your unique tastes.

Familiarize Yourself with Gas Taxes

Ethereum is one of the few blockchain networks that allows for the usage of tokens in cryptocurrency nft games. When you utilize Ethereum’s blockchain, you use so-called gas, which is a phrase that refers to the costs associated with the cryptocurrency. You will be advised prior to completing a transaction that you will be charged a gas price for your activity. It is critical that you familiarize yourself with gas costs and decide the most cost-effective method of exchanging the tokens earned while playing these new nft games.

Take Part in Well-Known Cryptogames

Finally, as crypto new nft games gain popularity, the total number of available nft games continues to grow. However, not every game is respectable and will assist you in earning money. That is why you should always stick to the most popular nft games on the market, such as Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and others on our list; have a look and choose the one you like the most. Leave a comment to let us know what you think of this list and your favorite game.

1.Axie Infinity

This is a game that has the potential to be highly profitable. Numerous everyday gamers make 500 euros or more per month. It’s the world’s first NFTs-based, blockchain-based game, and players earn cryptocurrency tokens. All that is required is the raising of a variety of Pokemon-like creatures. Additionally, you are involved in PVP combat with other people.

The game has surpassed a number of collectable card nft games in terms of sales, averaging $30 million each day for 30 days. The average cost of in-game purchases is between $280 and $480, which is rather fascinating. This is definitely one of the NFTs games you should play; it’s a lot of fun and pretty profitable as well, which is always thrilling.

New NFT games Tips to Know Before You Start Earning

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a non-traditional trading card game that is reminiscent to Hearthstone in many aspects. You may acquire card decks here, and the objective is to build a strong deck with unique cards. The team comprises members of Riot Games and Google, as well as Chris Clay, a former director of Magic the Gathering: Arena.

They raised $15 million, which enabled them to produce a very stunning and fascinating game that has developed a cult following. It’s critical to remember that you retain complete ownership of any goods obtained inside the game. Additionally, a single-player and multiplayer format are available, as are weekly competitions. The aesthetics are great, and the unique gameplay keeps things new and exciting for all players.


There is an nft football game called So uncommon. It’s essentially fantasy football, in which you build a squad around your favorite players. Matches are taking place, and you will be rewarded depending on the performance of those players.

Additionally, they may improve their worth if they perform well. Because the rewards are in the form of tokens, you may earn money this way. Because the squad is represented by NFTs, it does have a very distinct and unique vibe. Additionally, it includes collector cards featuring the players you want. It’s a clever idea and a fantastic title that constantly allows you to acquire cards while also enjoying some fantastic gameplay features.

New NFT games Tips to Know Before You Start Earning


This game, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, enables you to acquire cats and even breed them. Additionally, the title includes puzzle-solving and other activities that enhance the experience and elevate it to the next level. Additionally, it is based on the Pokemon approach, which encourages you to collect as many kittens as possible.

This is an enticing title that conveys some excellent outcomes and a great deal of value. This game is sometimes referred to be the “godfather” of NFT titles. Due to the media’s haste to report on the game, there was a snag and several players lost interest. However, there is still money to be earned here, and that is what counts most.

Waves Duck

Waves Duck introduces a new method to earn money passively. As the name implies, it is a game built on the Waves blockchain in which you must raise ducks that are all NFTs. Each completed task has its own unique qualities and attributes. A duck benefits its owner by laying eggs. And, indeed, the more valuable the duck, the more revenue it creates.


Decentraland is a user-owned virtual world. You may build items, explore, and trade here. It has its own tokens, and you can easily earn a nice profit here. Additionally, you may create artwork, challenges, and sceneries. Everything is self-contained, and there is a sizable trading environment dedicated to assets alone, which is critical.

The Sandbox Game

This is another another game that utilizes bitcoin. The objective here is to construct, enjoy, own, and even rule a virtual metaverse that participants have built and also own. The game has a range of unique products that you may purchase and sell as you like.

Final thoughts

In a couple of months, NFT gaming grew to be a multibillion-dollar business by merging two things that people already enjoyed: video nft games and making money with cryptocurrency. However, it turns out that the play-to-earn paradigm has the very unpleasant side consequence of taxing even modest activities made in a video game.