The New REVV Racing in P2E Model of NFT Games

If you have tried the standard REVV racing game before, you will still imagine the game’s vibe. But there is a new integration into the game now – an integration with the play-to-earn blockchain technology. Therefore, players are not only going to play the car race simulation. They will directly engage in a week-long competition with a price tag of $150,000 to the eventual winner. 

Similarly, the users or players can buy in-game assets that the player can now practically own. Unlike the traditional video games where the purchased in-game assets are not usable in any environment outside the digital environment. In such a case, the gamers cannot claim these assets because the gaming company may decide not to make the game anymore, and all the assets thereby become useless.

However, the play-to-earn (P2E) model allows the players who buy these in0game assets to actually own them. More so, their players can store them in a digital cryptocurrency wallet and use them at will. The use may involve trading, buying, or selling to other players or in the external marketplace. Consequently, this model is becoming increasingly popular in the NFT gaming business

The Application of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

The Non-fungible tokens are applicable in creating digital assets that can be sold outside the game environment. At the same time, the new model makes it possible for players to conveniently secure their support. Whereas casual players get the convenience whenever they acquire digital goods. And if the players stop playing at any point in time, they can retrieve their money back. 

On the other hand, serious game players can also enjoy all the game offers without the burden of becoming a ‘professional.’ 

However, they can also rely on sponsorships for their gaming campaign since it is an investment with expected returns. REVV racing is one of such games whose integration with blockchain technology tremendously improved its value and experience for players. 

According to Animoca, the official developer of the Revv racing game, the new game combines the thrill and skill of 3D real-time vehicle racing. Combining the gaming features into the financial world of cryptocurrency is another layer of improved benefit to all partakers. Another fantastic feature of the new Revv racing blockchain game is the increased security and ownership.

The game design also comes in an attractive appearance and sense of high quality that gamers may expect. In addition, it also comes with empowerment for the users and the digital property. This is the future of the play. Moreover, Animoca, as a company, has invested a lot of money into developing such a video game to provide tech solutions for the world community.

About Yield Guide Games (YGG)

The YGG system is a decentralized NFT gaming guide for investor fund pools to purchase NFT to generate yields. These elements also leverage the players’ time spent playing the Revv Racing NFT game with their efforts and optimize the work. Also, the community-based assets for maximum utility of the invested resources. Apart from the merging of decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs, the mission of YGG is to create immense value for the virtual world. 

Focusing Revv Racing 

The Revv Racing is a play-to-earn game with an exciting and rewarding theme. Animoca branded game focuses on the motorsport metaverse of car racing with a dream to develop a blockchain-centered game. This game also possesses both the look and feel of traditional video games. Still, it is now based on blockchain technology financial transactions. 

The car racing game, REVV Racing, and all the play sessions are registered on the blockchain network. Yet, the smooth ride is suitable for all 3D intended racing that millions of car racing gamers are already familiar with. Meanwhile, in the alpha version of this car racing game, the playing participants compete for a grand prize pool of $150,000. 

The beauty of riding the Revv Racing game is in a skill-based arcade of automobile racing simulation. Meanwhile, the racing uses a real-time first-pace design of your car for all full features of real-life driving. What are the critical elements of Revv racing?

  • The first-ever arcade simulation of a car racing game that will be on blockchain technology
  • The game holds and shares both the first person and the 3D racing within a set of additional cameras and angles
  • This gaming technology was built on Polygon
  • The game is powered by the REVV token
  • It is an indispensable asset in the NFT that belongs to everyone that registered with the path
  • Players can easily take control of their car and get back on track in no time
  • The Revv NFT game can be played even with your external controllers, such as the Xbox and PS 5 console. At other times, you may play the game using your computer’s keyboard. 
  • All the in-game assets of this machine and NFT entirely belong to the player. 

The Token System for Revv Motorsport gaming

The name of the utility token that applies to this NFT game is the Revv, which serves as the primary currency of exchange, trading, and utility. It is also the means of taking any transactional action across the Motorsport blockchain games. At the same time, the Revv design enables actual digital ownership of the game assets by the players. And it also gives them the needed confidence over their NFT in-game items when required.  Visit to read about The New Beginner’s Guide to NFT Games.

Animoca Brand

Animoca as a brand was enlisted among the High Growth Asia Pacific 2021 companies in the Financial Times. The company is also a leader in blockchain, gamification, and digital entertainment. Also, the company develops and publishes a broad array of products that synchronize cryptocurrency with technology. Moreover, the Animoca brand designs the first-of-its-kind blockchain game with substantial direct and indirect benefits.